If You Want Something, Dream It


When we think about the word “dream”, we think about what happens at night when we go to sleep. Nighttime dreams are often puzzling, strange, or even nonsensical.

But there is another form of dreaming. We could call it visualization, imagination, daydreaming, or focused intent. Olympic athletes use visualization to improve their performance. Why? Because our body responds to what our mind thinks. Our body doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

What if the whole of our reality works this way? What if our thoughts attract the result that we imagine? For example, if we imagine meeting our significant other, every day, for years, does it improve the chances of that result actually happening?

There is a lot of evidence that this is exactly how the Universe works. In a study done by Dean Radin, he concluded with a high degree of certainty that meditators can “collapse the wave function”. The study showed that meditators could predict (or cause?) a photon to pass through one of two slits with far higher success than non-meditators. In fact, the result was a 5 sigma event, which basically means the difference between the two groups was so large to be near impossible to be attributed to mere chance (about a 1 in 3.5 million probability).

One scientist, upon learning of the result said “I am oscillating between Oh My God and Something Must Be Wrong”

Life seems to be a dream we intentionally create as we go along. The reason we don’t realize how effective we can be at influencing outcomes is because most of us don’t spend much of our time trying to imagine what we want to happen. We can argue forever about the degree to which we can influence our reality, and certainly there are many modalities to improve or enhance our creative power, but why not practice it for ourselves rather than wallow in uncertainty?  Indeed, it is the wallowing in uncertainty that leads to so many uncertain events in our lives.

If you aren’t trying to create your life, it will be created for you on a level that is less conscious and more susceptible to interference. So if there is something you want in life, either for yourself or for the world at large, start dreaming it!


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