Wisdom From Wanderlust


I just returned from the Wanderlust Festival in Whistler, BC. It was four days packed with yoga, meditation, lectures, music, and outdoor adventure.

I attended at least a dozen different sessions and the quality of the teachers and artists was world class.

I capped the whole experience with a hike around the summit of Whistler Mountain!

Here are some of the practical exercises and key insights I gleaned from the event:

What Are The 3 Lessons You Are Tired Of Learning Over And Over Again?

  • What do you “gain” from continuing these negative patterns?
  • These are scars from the past that need to be healed

Imagine You Are At Your 90th Birthday Party…

A close friend or relative is going to speak about who you are, your life’s accomplishments, your best character traits. What will he or she say? What would you want him/her to say? This is your life purpose.

You Wake Up In The Morning And There Are Four Pots With Which To Wash Your Mind…

  • Black pot contains greed, arrogance, selfishness, anger and hate
  • Red pot contains passion, desire, ambition, profit seeking
  • White pot contains humility, generosity, kindness
  • Gold pot contains transcendence, non-polar, non-judgment, oneness, unity with other, unity with source
  • You don’t wash your body with mud, so why do you put toxins in your mind? Common source of mental toxins: daily news, TV, social media.
  • Meditation is like pouring clear water on your mind.

The Three Great Illusions…

  1. We take that which is impermanent as permanent
  2. We think we are the body and not the soul
  3. We look for happiness where it is not

Better Choices Daily

Personal transformation doesn’t happen at a yoga festival, it happens when you commit to consistently making better choices on a daily basis, on a moment to moment basis.


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